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All changes, bug fixes and new features introduced in CrossGems releases can be found here.



Release Date: 03/02/2023

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Gem Info not running, Fixed

  • Gem Info, doesn’t add custom icon if selected, Fixed

  • Profile Selector GH Component doesn’t work connected to a Shank, Profile Placer or any other curve component input, Fixed

  • Move away command not working in Rhino and Grasshopper, Fixed

  • After Remove Boolean, some objects are not linked, Fixed

  • Undoing Remove Boolean, doesn't restore boolean type, Fixed

  • Trilogy inside command icon is box default icon, Fixed

  • Curves from Ring Rail, Profiles… blank icon on selectors if moved by Rhino gumball, Fixed

  • Object selector, rename localization added

  • Texture, Added menu for add, delete, duplicate and rename textures.

  • Renaming a profile item to an existing name crashes, Fixed

  • Auto Extrude with multiple curves doesn’t get the right direction for all curves, Fixed

  • Auto Extrude multiple curves now groups them.

  • Auto Extrude Icon is blank in object selectors

  • Auto Extrude Not translated to Spanish, Fixed

  • Opening a file after program starts shouldn’t ask for save changes, Fixed

  • When opening the program there is no Display Mode button activated, Fixed

  • Material library load time increased by 15x (loads instantly)

  • Materials, Material density slider step is 1, changed to 0.01

  • Materials, Clicking on Render doesn’t apply the specified resolution, Fixed

  • Materials, Remove Ground option doesn’t appear in French and Spanish, Fixed

  • Materials, Added resolution aspect ratio drop down and image density (dpi)

  • Materials, Added Render Quality options

  • Materials, Added Geometry Smooth feature

  • Materials, Added Translations and tooltips

  • Settings, Added tooltips

  • Gem on Ring, Changing gem by cabochon crashes the program, Fixed

  • Opening or creating a new document with a ground applied, makes this ground unusable for the new doc, Fixed

  • App UI elements size increased 5%

  • Environment missing file dialog shows up in new installations, Fixed

  • Mirror, Removed Gallery

  • MicroCluster doesn’t show external under bezel, Fixed

  • Disabled Viewport borders by default

  • Added a generic full frame for disabled viewport borders option

  • Render display mode changed to white-gray gradient

  • Gems On Curve, Added current space between gems

  • Eternity Band, Added current space between gems



Release Date: 08/01/2023

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Crash computing weights (selecting doc objects), Fixed

  • Materials are set when changing category but not at first program load, Fixed

  • Material category not updated when an object is selected in viewport, Fixed

  • Materials, marble and wood crashes on applied, Fixed

  • Fixed Menu (Compact and Expanded) not working command buttons (non English UI):

    • Make SubD Friendly

    • Remove Crease

    • To Nurbs

    • To SubD

    • Merge Coplanar faces

    • Extrude SubD

    • Radiate

    • Find Radiate

    • Enable Clipping Plane

    • Sel Duplicates

    • Zoom Extents

    • Zoom 1 to 1

    • Undo View



  • Ring Size is only recorded if size is changed but not if region is changed, Fixed.

  • Options, missing icons, Added

  • Disable Viewport Borders option missing string in English. Fixed

  • Gems Map 3D French name changed to Info Pierres 3D

  • Restore objects from command history panel items doesn’t add an undo step, Added

  • Reset Position objects from command history panel items doesn’t add an undo step, Added

  • Editing objects, selectors dropdowns are not set with selected objects, Fixed

  • Cross Cutters on Trilogy side gems 2 cutter is rotated 90º, Fixed

  • GH Display Material Component doesn’t work with more than one geometry input source, Fixed

  • GH Display Material Component renders wrong material opening a saved gh file, Fixed

  • GH Display Material crashes if some input is null, Fixed



Release Date: 18/12/2022

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Missing Environment material in User Folder, Fixed



Release Date: 15/12/2022

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Added GemsMap3D command (Gem dimensions)

  • CrossGems UI, Added option to disable viewport borders

  • CrossGems UI Added Arc by 3 Points as second command of Arc

  • Cabochon, Editing non proportional, set sizes back to proportional, Fixed

  • Gem, Editing non proportional only in Rhino UI set sizes back to proportional, Fixed

  • Azure Cutters, double computation, first in main thread blocking the UI and the second one in background, Fixed

  • Flow on Surface not working, Fixed

  • GH Component Display Material icon missing icon, Fixed

  • GH Component Display Material now works only with material input

  • Materials, Cast Iron ground makes the program crash, Fixed

  • Materials Panel, unified slider sizes and expander titles increased

  • Materials Panel, changing density corrupts the image, Fixed

  • Materials Panel, Render resolution field doesn't accept numbers, only working from sliders, Fixed

  • Materials Panel, Render resolution: Added missing slider icons

  • License, Added missing tooltip for Forgot Password in license

  • License, Add borders for Remember Credentials and Forgot Password buttons

  • Rhino Toolbar, Infinity Shank wrong command, Fixed

  • Floating Message buttons dialogs are not translated, Fixed



Release Date: 01/12/2022

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Implemented Grasshopper Compatibility with Panther .gh files

  • Created "CgWeight" command to open weight panel

  • Panel Weight doesn’t show the weight in Rhino UI, Fixed

  • Added Panel options in settings (Main, Materials, Weight)

  • CrossGems UI Messages ported to custom interface

  • Fixed translations CrossGems UI translations for French and Spanish

  • Splitters for left and right toolbars doesn’t resize itself under certain condition, Fixed

  • Added Set Point Cmd under Transforms Menu

  • Added Text Object as second command for Text on Curve

  • All commands, Proportional not restored when editing, Fixed

  • Gems on Curve Both Sides not stored when editing, Fixed



Release Date: 25/11/202

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Channel Cutter Caps Both Sides Missing Icon,  Added

  • Gems Cutter: Added Gallery

  • Channel Cutter: Added Gallery

  • Bright Cutter: Added Gallery

  • Cross Cutters: Added Gallery

  • Micro Cutters: Added Gallery

  • Split Cathedral Shank: Added Gallery

  • Opening 3dm, file by double click not working, Fixed

  • Rui Toolbar options misspointing to _OptionsPage, Fixed

  • UI Font color changed to a brighter and bigger one

  • Rhino UI: Added Weight Panel with object selector

  • Conversion from Panther 3D models fails if a object was ungrouped and moved manually, Fixed

  • Slicer French translation improved

  • Azure Cutters, Selecting only gems applies a wrong default surface object, Fixed

  • Sliders: Distribution changed, text is upper, mouse control are increased

  • CrossGems UI: Opening a file keeps the viewports borders on screen, Fixed



Release Date: 14/11/2022

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Gems and Cabochons: Not possible to add on Mesh and SubD geometries, Fixed

  • Ornaments on Curve: Generates duplicated items, Fixed

  • Auto Sweep: Added mututal exclusion for second rail

  • Auto Cut: Now maintains the original layer of object

  • Mixed Gem Cuts: Proportional not working, Fixed

  • Profile Blend: Added mutual exclusion for profile selectors

  • Prongs on Object: on multiple brep objects (Bright Ring, Criss-Cross) doesn't add the prong, Fixed

  • Metal On Curve: On apply multiple curves doesn't apply to all, Fixed

  • Gem On Ring: Self rotation step from 0.1 to 1

  • Criss-Cross: French translation missing, Added

  • CrossGems UI: Minimizing keeps the viewport borders on screen, Fixed

  • CrossGems UI: Left Menu with expanders by default instead bar

  • CrossGems UI: Polygon Start in non english languages doens't work, Fixed

  • CrossGems UI: Expander Menus right click command doesn't open (Bangle Rail, Sketch, Apply UV Curves, Multiple Points, Rail Revolve, SubD Ellipsoid, Repair SubD, Radiate SubD,Select by Brush, Scale 2D)Fixed

  • Object Selector: Added Missing tool Icon on Object Selector (Rhino and CG Icons)



Release Date: 26/10/2022

All notable changes to this version are documented in this list:

  • Mixed Gem Cuts: Setting a stone doesn't apply gem proportions

  • Gems On Curve: Added total gems number

  • Eternity Ring: Added total gems number

  • Outside Ring Rail: Crash using 2 rails and editing

  • Gem Info: Command is not working, Fixed

  • Halo: Enabling Prongs doesn't work, Fixed

  • Gem and Metal weights: not updating weight in real time, Fixed



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