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Awaken your Artistic Spirit, let it Shine

Unleash Designs that Truly Redefine

Ready to Cross 

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Crossgems is a Rhinoceros 7/8 & Grasshopper jewelry plugin with standalone UI, its more than 100 tools at your disposal and it's accurate history manager ensure the design of powerful parametric models in a comfortable and easy way in CrossGems UI, Rhino UI or Grasshopper.

100% Parametric Tools

CrossGems tools are 100% parametric for Rhino and Grasshopper, furthermore it can be combined with Rhino History  thus offering endless design possibilities

Intuitive Powerful User interface

CrossGems UI is a standalone modern and clean standalone UI interface optimizing space and making the software intuitive being ergonomic in everyday use.

Fast & Reusable Design

The models can be reused due to the implemented parametric design that provides a reduction of time in the workload when you are modifying any design and exploring all the possibilities that arise.

Remove Boolean Holes

Manage your boolean operations easily from the history panel, removing cutters, holes or

any object used in a boolean difference, and keeping the full model parametric.


CrossGems is able to read and edit gems from others softwares like Matrix, RhinoGold and Panther, furthermore it has full compatibility with Panther models keeping the model 100% parametric.


Gallery Presets

This feature allows to store  builder parameters to match any other target gems, rings and other objects, store your own presets or use one of the predefined presets which the software includes.

Integrated Render

Material Library

The integrated material library allows to set and change metal, gem or ground materials just with few clicks, its automatic conversion by Display Mode will change materials in real time to adapt them for every rendering state.

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